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Promotions Builder

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MAJOR We have introduced a new feature, called Promotions Builder, powered by our Rule Promotion engine. This feature offers you the flexibility in providing diverse discounts to shoppers, supporting discounts of varying complexities, ranging from code-based customer discounts to Buy X Get Y discounts, fixed price promotions, cart fixed discount, and many more based on your business needs. Moreover, it is compatible with our existing legacy promotions capability, ensuring a smooth transition to the new Promotions Builder. For more information, see Promotions Builder in Commerce Manager. To create promotions using API, see Rule Promotions. To apply Rule Promotions API in carts and orders, you must enable the use_rule_promotion field in Cart Settings.

MINOR The Get all Products and Get all Promotions endpoints now support beta filtering. The new syntax is an evolution of the original syntax, and allows more characters and formats. For more information, see Beta Filtering.