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Account Management

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MINOR You can now extend product prices by adding custom attributes to a product price. This enables you to optimize your pricing data, enhancing your ability to respond to market dynamics and customer preferences. For more information, see Add a product price to a price book.

MINOR A new Get all Prices endpoint allows you to retrieve all prices for a product, irrespective of the different price books that include that product's price. For example, you can filter for all prices for a specified sku, or filter for all prices changed before or after a given date. This will retrieve prices from all price books. For more information, see Get all product prices.

MINOR Commerce Manager: A new and improved Bundle Builder is available. The new bundle builder features an upgraded visual design, making it easier to use and more intuitive, with a smoother interface that simplifies the bundle creation process. For more information, see Creating Bundles.

MINOR Commerce Manager: Improved account search functionality to enable more effective filtering by name, legal name, registration ID, and external reference. For more information, see Searching Accounts.

MINOR The Configure a Shopper Bundle endpoint now supports using the include parameter to retrieve key attribute data for the products in a product bundle. This is useful because, when your shoppers select the products in the bundle that they want to purchase in your storefront, you can then display all the relevant product information to your shoppers. See Configure a Shopper Bundle.

MINOR You can now configure the expiry time of Account Management Authentication Tokens to implement an idle timeout feature. For more information, see Implementing Idle Timeout.

MINOR We have Introduced a new eCommerce Admin role with capabilities for PXM, promotions, orders and account management. For more information, see Store Roles.

MAJOR You now have the ability to create an association between an account and one or more carts. For more information, see Account Cart Associations.

MAJOR We have introduced the Cart Payment Intent feature, which allows you to generate a Stripe Payment Intent specifically tied to a shopping cart and its subsequent order. This feature enables you to track payment details from the cart stage and seamlessly maintain consistency in payment information throughout the order stage. For more information, see Cart Payment Intent.

MINOR We have introduced a new optional field called external_ref to the Accounts API. This field is designed to store external references from other company systems, enhancing seamless integration between our platform and external entities.

MINOR When the auto_create_account_for_account_members field is enabled, the corresponding account has the account name and legal name of the created account member. This enhancement streamlines efficient filtering, making it easier to identify auto-created accounts. For more information, see Update Account Authentication Settings.

Major Shoppers can now apply custom discounts from external services to carts and cart items during their purchases. Additionally, you can also view custom discounts on the Order details page in Commerce Manager. For more information, see Custom Discounts.

Major A new Get All Account Memberships on Account Member API allows you to return all the account memberships that an account member belongs to based on their account member ID. For more information, see Get All Account Memberships on Account Member.

Minor Now, if a previous catalog publish date is greater than 90 days, a full catalog publish is automatically performed. If you publish your catalogs infrequently, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud may perform a full publish when you are expecting a delta publish. For more information, see Publish a Catalog.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now configure a Sort Value for the components and component options in a bundle. You can use the Sort Value to program your storefront to display a bundle's components and component options in the order you want. For more information, see PXM Bundles in Commerce Manager.

Minor Added a sort parameter to accounts, account members, and account memberships to sort results in ascending or descending order based on the value of the field.

Major Added region field to addresses. You can now set required fields for addresses using settings mandatory address fields

Major You can now use sort_order to sort parent nodes in a hierarchy when creating and updating nodes. For more information, see Create a hierarchy and Update a hierarchy.

Major Commerce Manager: You can now duplicate hierarchies if you have multiple hierarchies with a similar node structure. See Product Hierarchy Configurations.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now send and receive events in CloudEvents format. See Integrations.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now configure webhooks for addresses. See Integrations.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now see the date and time your products are created and updated in Products. See Creating Products.

Bug Fix Commerce Manager: Fixed a bug where users got an authentication loop after a failed authentication.

Minor Commerce Manager: Users can now filter the accounts list by account name in Account Management.

Bug Fix Commerce Manager: Fixed a bug where an image uploader breaks when user attempts to type in a URL.

Minor Commerce Manager: Added cart expiration in settings.