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MINOR The Configure a Shopper Bundle endpoint now supports using the include parameter to retrieve key attribute data for the products in a product bundle. This is useful because, when your shoppers select the products in the bundle that they want to purchase in your storefront, you can then display all the relevant product information to your shoppers. See Configure a Shopper Bundle.

MINOR You can now configure the expiry time of Account Management Authentication Tokens to implement an idle timeout feature. For more information, see Implementing Idle Timeout.

MINOR We have Introduced a new eCommerce Admin role with capabilities for PXM, promotions, orders and account management. For more information, see Store Roles.

MAJOR When managing Application Keys, you now have the ability to specify the minimum number of requests per second that are allowed, reserving a rate limit for each key. This enables you to finely adjust the performance and availability of your applications that are integrated with our platform. For more information, see Application Keys Overview.

Additionally, in Commerce Manager, we have added a new Requests per second field. This field allows you to enter the reserved rate limit for the key when Creating an Application Key.

MINOR Commerce Manager: You can now generate a delta file with all the contents of a catalog release from Commerce Manager. For more information, see Using Catalog Delta Files.

Major You can now integrate Elastic Path Commerce Cloud with Yotpo using the Integrations Hub in Commerce Manager. This enables your customers to provide ratings and review comments for products they have purchased in the storefront. For more information, see Yotpo Integration.

Minor Commerce Manager: A new Last Used column is now added on the SYSTEM > Application Keys page to view the approximate last used date of the application key. For more information, see Application Keys.

Major Commerce Manager: You can now add AND/OR conditions on attributes and hierarchies or nodes to be included and excluded from a promotion based on multiple conditions at the same time. See Promotions.

Major As announced on February 1, 2023, we have now seamlessly migrated all the existing legacy keys to a corresponding Application Key. In Commerce Manager, the migrated keys will now appear on the SYSTEM > Application Keys page. For more information, see Application Keys.

Minor Commerce Manager: When you checkout a cart with bundle configuration including multiple options from each bundle component, you can now view all selected multiple options for each bundle component on the Order details page. For more information about bundle configuration, see PXM Bundles in Commerce Manager.

Major You can now create Application Keys, which are tied to the actual store instead of a user. This is helpful in avoiding scenarios like when a user in your organization leaves, then their user-specific keys leave with them. For more information, see Application Keys.

Additionally, we have moved all keys and credentials to Settings > Application Keys section in Commerce Manager. For more information, see Creating an Application Key.

Minor Commerce Manager: A new External Reference field allows you to store another unique ID with your PXM product. This could be a unique ID from another company system, for example. See Configuring Products in Product Experience Manager.

Minor Commerce Manager: When searching for products in Product Experience Manager > Products, you can now search on Description, UPC/EAN and, MPN. This is in addition to Slug, SKU and, Name. See Configuring Products in Product Experience Manager.

Minor Added a rate limiter that limits the number of requests received by each store within any given second. This ensures consistent performance and stability of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud as well as a quality experience for all of our customers.

Minor Added support for a new field, duplicate_email_policy, to enable the capability to conditionally treat e-mail address as unique in Single Sign On.