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Extend Product Prices with Custom Attributes, New Get all Prices Endpoint, Improved Bundle Builder, Improved Account Search

MINOR You can now extend product prices by adding custom attributes to a product price. This enables you to optimize your pricing data, enhancing your ability to respond to market dynamics and customer preferences. For more information, see Add a product price to a price book.

MINOR A new Get all Prices endpoint allows you to retrieve all prices for a product, irrespective of the different price books that include that product's price. For example, you can filter for all prices for a specified sku, or filter for all prices changed before or after a given date. This will retrieve prices from all price books. For more information, see Get all product prices.

MINOR Commerce Manager: A new and improved Bundle Builder is available. The new bundle builder features an upgraded visual design, making it easier to use and more intuitive, with a smoother interface that simplifies the bundle creation process. For more information, see Creating Bundles.

MINOR Commerce Manager: Improved account search functionality to enable more effective filtering by name, legal name, registration ID, and external reference. For more information, see Searching Accounts.