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MAJOR Some Product Experience Manager endpoints operate as jobs (for example, Product Import API). Now, jobs are processed one at a time. You can continue to send requests using endpoints that function as jobs, but those jobs are queued. In other words, Commerce looks for any jobs that have a status of PENDING and starts the job with the earliest created date. This process is repeated until all jobs are processed. For more information, see Jobs.

MINOR We have introduced a new optional field called automatic_payment_methods to Elastic Path Payments Powered by Stripe gateway as per Stripe's recommendation. When this field is enabled, it displays all the payment methods that are enabled from the Stripe dashboard.

Major Added PayPal Express Checkout payment method. For more information, see PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Express Checkout Payments. You can also use PayPal Express Checkout in Commerce Manager.

Major Commerce Manager: You can now localize your product names and descriptions. See Configuring Locales.

Major Commerce Manager: WYSIWYG visual editor added to the description field for products. See Adding Product Details.

Major Commerce Manager: Locale settings added to Settings -> Locales. See Locales.

Minor Commerce Manager: Variation selection improvement when adding variations to a product. We now have paginated results on variation listing in the product association screen.

Minor Commerce Manager: UI Improvement. Sale Price Start and End date no longer autofills when adding a new sale price to a product.

Minor Updated the Stripe integration to support the longer tokens that Stripe uses for new accounts.

Major Added support for PayPal Express Checkout. Major Added support for PayPal Payflow Pro. Minor Fixed a security issue. Major Fixed an issue where building child products produced invalid entities. Minor Minor bug fixes.

Minor Fixed a bug where incorrect error messages could be returned if there was an error when making a payment. For example, you could get an Insufficient Stock error because of an incorrectly formatted payment request.

  • Commerce Manager Fixed inconsistent behavior of pagination in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue whereby an invalid slug would cause an error with the flows endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue whereby a payment request without an object would cause an error.
  • Fixed an issue with the validation issue being logged as error.