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MAJOR Algolia – Full/Delta/Large Catalog Integration: Added three new flows to the integration and configured a webhook in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to synchronize inventory when the corresponding option is enabled. This connects the s**tock_transaction.created event to the Single Entry Inventory UpdateObject to Algolia Direct flow. Depending on the configuration, the flow retrieves either available or total inventory and sends the data to all Algolia indexes. There is an option to skip object creation if they do not already exist in that particular index. In version 58, a third flow is introduced to cache Algolia Mapping, refreshing on an hourly** by default. This eliminates the need to fetch the mapping with every stock update.

MINOR When creating, updating, or retrieving an address, you can now see customer or account relationship details linked to that address. This is helpful for getting webhook payloads. For more information, see Addresses API.

Major Added region field to addresses. You can now set required fields for addresses using settings mandatory address fields

Major You can now use sort_order to sort parent nodes in a hierarchy when creating and updating nodes. For more information, see Create a hierarchy and Update a hierarchy.

Major Commerce Manager: You can now duplicate hierarchies if you have multiple hierarchies with a similar node structure. See Product Hierarchy Configurations.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now send and receive events in CloudEvents format. See Integrations.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now configure webhooks for addresses. See Integrations.

Minor Commerce Manager: You can now see the date and time your products are created and updated in Products. See Creating Products.

Minor Fixed bug where in some cases cart totals did not exactly reflect the order totals created after the cart was checked out. Cart totals and order totals now exactly match.

Minor Fixed bug where phone number associated with address would not update correctly on PUT.