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You can view your store’s integrations on the SYSTEM > Store Settings > Webhooks tab.

For an overview of how integrations work in Commerce, see Integrations.

Sorting and filtering integrations

You can sort the integrations list by Name, Description, or Status.

You can filter the integrations list to show which integrations are enabled or disabled.

Creating a new integration

  1. On the SYSTEM > Store Settings > Webhooks tab, select +New Webhook.

  2. On the Create New Webhook page, enter the following information:

    Webhook detailsName and Description. The Integration type is fixed at webhook.
    ConfigurationURL for the integration, and Secret key. The secret key is forwarded along with the request as a header.
    ObservesThese events can trigger webhooks. Select the ones you want to trigger the webhook: Created, Updated, or Deleted for most objects; Updated or Deleted for Cart; Created or Deleted for File; Created, Updated, Fulfilled, Authorized, Paid/Captured, Cancelled, or Refunded for Order; Updated for Payment Gateway. Created, Updated, or Deleted for customers. Only five events can be added.
    EnabledEnable the integration.

    You cannot edit aws_sqs and stomp integration types using Commerce Manager. You can edit these integrations using the update an integration endpoint.