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Using Analytics enables you to answer questions such as:

  • What was the total number of orders last quarter?
  • What was the total order value last quarter?

This is important because it helps you understand how your store is performing.


This feature has been released early to get your input on future releases and reports. Please take the tour and let us know your feedback.

  1. Click Analytics.

  2. From Period, click the start date to display the calendar. The first day of the current month is configured by default. Calendar

    The calendar shows the currently configured time period by default.

  3. Use the calendar to select a start date.

  4. From Period, click the end date. The current date is configured by default.

  5. Use the calendar to select an end date.

  6. From the Interval drop-down list, select the interval of time you want to measure. You can select, either:

    • Month
    • Week
    • Day
    • Hour
  7. If Commerce Manager is configured to use different currencies, from the Currency drop-down list, select the currency you want. US dollars is configured by default.

  8. Once the charts are displayed, you can hover over them for more detailed information.