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Elastic Path Changelog

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Minor Added support for a new field, duplicate_email_policy, to enable the capability to conditionally treat e-mail address as unique in Single Sign On.

Major Introduced the Product Experience Manager (EP PXM)services. EP PXM manages product information, hierarchies, and catalogs. Product Experience Manager (EP PXM) can be used as the single source of truth for product data across your organization. For more information, see Product Experience Manager (EP PXM).

Major Introduced the Price Book Service. For more information, see EP PXM Price Books.

Minor Updated the Files API to support referencing images by a URL. For more information, see Files.

Major Seller users can now be assigned roles to grant distinct functional and feature access to your Elastic Path Commerce Cloud store. For more information, see Roles.

Major Cart expiry date is now displayed in the My Carts section in the Reference storefront and is also available in the API. For more information, see Carts.

Minor The JavaScript SDK now supports adding products to a cart by SKUs.

Minor The pagination default is now set at 25 for newly-created stores. There is no change for existing stores. For more information, see Pagination.