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Studio Release 134 | March 3, 2022


A small release with a handful of bug fixes and tweaks. Several new features in the works including Component Properties which is a set of changes to the section/component experience which will help to reduce redundancies with our current component experience. More on this when it's released in the coming weeks.

Recategorized Components

We spent some time reorganizing renaming components to make it easier to find what you are looking for in the component selector. We also added thumbnails for some of the components that didn’t have them. There is more work to come on this to make it even better, but it’s already easier to find some things.

Reordering and Renaming Components

Template Updates

We rolled out an update to allow our backend teams to more-easily launch the templates that they've been working on. This includes changes to way we generate screenshots of these templates as well as the way that we add them to accounts.

View all of our templates!


Complete List of Resolved Items

  • Rolled out a change to the way our components are categorized to make it easier to navigate.
  • Added support for keyboard handling to dropdowns when setting conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where the image of a variant wasn't updating when the variant was selected.
  • Adjusted the default state of box width to display "auto" instead of "none" .
  • Rolled out changes to our template screenshots to reduce file sizes and speed up the page.
  • Improved the handling speed of several backend jobs.
  • Adjusted all of the links used in the app to use a URL that lets our product, support, and marketing teams make rapid changes to them.
  • Fixed a bug with the image callouts component where the first icon in the section would be misaligned vertically.
  • Fixed a bug where the dynamic content would sometimes handle the "or" operator (the pipe character "|") incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where some users would get a 500 error when "choosing a product".