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Studio Release 124 | Nov 28, 2021


Several bug fixes went out this week. No banner releases.

Complete List of Resolved Items

  • Fixed an issue where adding a custom domain to an account created via the Shopify app would create malformed CNAME records.
  • Fixed an issue where blog styles were visible to Shopify accounts despite not having access to blog features.
  • Made adjustments to our HubSpot app to account for scope changes that HubSpot is making.
  • Fixed an issue where CSS stylesheets were being linked to in the footer of the HTML area of AMP pages.
  • Fixed an issue where media that wasn't being used on any page couldn't be deleted.
  • Adjusted letter spacing used for headers in the Unstack Admin.
  • Fixed an issue with logo alignment when using landing page headers.
  • Fixed an issue where users would get a 403 error when upgrading in-app.
  • Fixed an error where sections couldn't be duplicated in editor.
  • Other changes include several adjustments to backend sync and caching jobs.