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Node Loader Component

You can use the Commerce Node Loader component to import Commerce node data to your Commerce store. The Commerce Node Loader component can import:

  • Node data files of any size.
  • Localized node names and descriptions.


Collect the following Commerce API keys. You can find this information in SYSTEM > Application Keys in Commerce Manager when logged in as a user with Seller Admin privileges.

Commerce API KeyDescription
API Base URLYour Commerce API Base URL.
Client IDYour Commerce Client ID.
Client SecretYour Commerce Client Secret.


The component has the following action.

Load Nodes Product

ConnectionconnectionCommerce connection.
NodestextThe data that you provide to the Node Loader component must conform to JSON Lines text format and conform to the model described here.
Max Hierarchy DepthstringThe depth of parent/child levels you want. The default is 3.
Log LevelstringThe level of logging.