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JSON File Streamer Component

This component allows you to take Commerce data and stream the data to a JSON file. The JSON file can be broken smaller batches for easier processing.


This component has the following action.

JSON File Streamer

JSON File URLstringA URL to a JSON file.
Batch Consumer API URLstringAn API URl for batch consumer.
Batch Consumer API KeystringAn API key for batch consumer.
Batch SizestringThe number of pages to group into a single batch. Default is 250.
Batch Consumer ConcurrencystringThe default is 10.
TaxonomystringThe taxonomy.
MappingstringThe mapping.
Catalog AttributesstringThe catalog attributes.
MetastringThe meta data.
OffsetstringUse the page offset to get additional pages for your content.
Log LevelstringThe level of logging.
Enabled Downstream Responsebooleantrue if you want to enable downstream response.