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Troubleshooting Integrations

Common Error Messages

This page outlines common error messages that you may see, and how to fix them.

P10001: Result too large to serialize

You may see this error when dealing with large files (greater than 128MB) due to limitations on how large a JavaScript Buffer can be. Reduce the size of your step result if possible.

P10002: Result contains non-serializable functions

You may see this error if your step result contains JavaScript functions. Builder serializes step results using MessagePack. JavaScript functions are non-serializable. So, you cannot return { data: { foo: () => "" } }, for example.

As a work-around, you can JSON stringify and JSON parse an object, and functions will be automatically removed.

const myReturnValue = {
foo: 123,
bar: "Hello, World",
baz: () => {
const sanitizedResults = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(myReturnValue));
return { data: sanitizedResults }; // Returns {foo: 123, bar: "Hello, World"}

P10003: Error serializing step results

An unknown error occurred when serializing your step results. Builder serializes step results using MessagePack. MessagePack supports a number of complex and primitive types (numbers, strings, objects, arrays, Buffers, null, etc). Ensure that the data you are returning is included in the MessagePack spec.