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Personal Data Service

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Major You can now add exclude options under the schema object to exclude nodes and product SKUs for the following promotion types:

Major You can now define target_nodes under the schema object to include nodes for the promotion for Create Fixed Discount Promotion for items and Create Item Percent Discount Promotions.

Major Added endpoints that allow to read and write Time-to-live (TTL) settings for logs. For more information, see Logs Time-to-live (TTL) Settings.

Major You can now sort your hierarchies so that they are displayed in the order that you want in your catalogs. For more information, see Update a catalog.

Major Price book stacking allows you to create multiple price books. When creating a catalog you can assign a priority to your price books so that product prices are displayed according to the priority of the price books. See Create a catlog.

Major You can now manage Personal Data within Elastic Path. Log entries are now being captured for any personal data as well as related personal data. For more information, see:

Major Commerce Manager: You can use price modifiers to change the prices of your child products. See Creating price modifiers.

Minor Commerce Manager: When viewing an order, you can now click a product name to view the product details. See Orders.

Minor Commerce Manager: New Total Orders and Total Value of All Orders fields and improved layout available in Analytics. See Analytics.

Minor Commerce Manager: The Rename store field is now moved to Settings > Store Settings page. For more information, see Renaming a Store.