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Instances and Executions

When you are satisfied with an integration and have published a version of it, you can create an instance of the integration.

Instances provides an overview of all your current instances for all integrations, including their status, and when the instance was last run.

You can:

  • Search and filter on your current instances.
  • Select an instance to open the instance in Integrations Hub, if you want to view or reconfigure the integration.

When an instance is run, this is called an execution.

Executions displays the execution details for all your instances. You can inspect execution details and the results of each step of the execution.

If an instance failed to run, you can review the data that was passed in to the instance when it was invoked.

In addition, you can manually retry an execution. The instance is run again with the same webhook payload that caused it to run initially.

manually retry an execution