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Offerings represent a snapshot of their product and plans. If you make updates to products or plans within an offering, the original products and plans are not updated. Only the products and plans within the offering are updated. Alternatively, you can create a new product and attach it to a new offering.

An offering includes products and plans; products are combined with one or more plans to form an offering.

For example, your company provides online streaming of movies, web-series, and music. Your customers can purchase these services through either a weekly or monthly plan.

subscription management

Offering Examples

Offerings can have any combination of a product and plans. The pricing of an offering is determined by the pricing you have configured for your products and plans.

Single product and planOne product with a product price of $50A monthly plan with a 5% discountAn offering with a monthly plan for $47.50 a month
Single product with multiple plansOne product with a product price of $50
  • A monthly plan with a 5% discount
  • A yearly plan with a 10% discount
An offering with two plans:
  • A monthly plan for $47.50 a month
  • A yearly plan for $45 a month<

Building Offerings: An Overview

Here's how you build an offering:

  1. Attach your repeat products. See Repeat Products.
  2. Attach your plans.
    • Plans are the rules that govern your subscription, for example, any discount.
    • You can combine and reuse plans for as many products as you want, making it quick and easy to create your subscription offerings.
    • An offering must have at least one plan. See Plans.
  3. Create your offerings. Offerings are the products and plans that a customer can choose. An offering can consist of many combinations of products or plans, depending on the products and services you offer.
    • When a customer chooses a plan, a subscription is created.
    • Elastic Path Subscriptions manages the billing and recurring payments associated with the subscription.