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Editing Offerings

Offerings represent a snapshot of their product and plans. If you make updates to a product or plans within an offering, the original product and plans are not updated. Only the product and plans within the offering are updated. Alternatively, you can create a new product and attach it to a new offering.

When you are building an offering:

  • you can create new plans and products.
  • you can modify an existing product and plans. For example, you can modify the product price or any attributes of a plan included in the offering.

Here's how you build an offering:

  1. Attach your repeat product. An offering can have only one product. See Repeat Products.
  2. Attach your plans.
    • Plans are the rules that govern your subscription, for example, any discount.
    • You can combine and reuse plans for as many products as you want, making it quick and easy to create your subscription offerings.
    • An offering must have at least one plan. See Plans.
  3. Create your offerings. Offerings are the products and plans that a customer can choose. An offering can consist of many combinations of products or plans, depending on the products and services you offer.
    • When a customer chooses a plan, a subscription is created.
    • Elastic Path Subscriptions manages the billing and recurring payments associated with the subscription. See Invoicing and Billing.