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Deleting Proration Policies

A proration policy cannot be deleted if it is being used by any subscriptions. This means you must unapply a proration policy that you want to delete from any offerings using that policy before deleting the policy.

To delete a proration policy:

  1. To unapply a proration policy from an offering, go to Subscriptions > Offerings.
  2. From All Offerings, select the offering to which you want to unapply a proration policy.
  3. In Proration Policy list, either select another proration policy or select No proration policy.
  4. Select Save Offering.
  5. Go to Subscriptions > Dunning and Prorations.
  6. Select Proration Policies.
  7. Select the proration policy you want to delete.
  8. Select trash icon.
  9. Select Delete to close the Delete Proration Policy Confirmation dialog and delete the policy.