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Contact your Customer Success manager or Customer Success team to get an onboarding link to set up the Stripe account. The link can only be used once and expires in seven days.


  1. Click the onboarding link provided by the Elastic Path platform admin.


    The onboarding forms are subject to change. Follow the on-screen instructions when you click the onboarding link. You may be required to provide personal information and business details about your company and industry.

  2. Enter your Email that you previously provided to the Elastic Path platform admin to create an onboarding link.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Enter your Password, and click Continue.

  5. Enter your mobile number and click Send text to get a verification code.

  6. Enter the 6-digit verification code, and click Next.

  7. On the Let’s start with some basics page, choose your Registered business address and Type of business, and then click Continue.

  8. On the Personal details page, enter a few details about yourself, and click Continue.

  9. On the Business details page, choose your Industry, enter Business website, and type Product description.

  10. Click Continue.

  11. On Select an account for payouts page, enter your banking information, and click Continue.

  12. On the Customer support details page, enter Statement descriptor, Shortened descriptor, and Customer support phone number. This helps customers to identify your business.

  13. Click Continue.

  14. Review your details, and click Submit. You are now successfully onboarded to Elastic Path Payments.

  15. Login to Stripe Dashboard and go to Settings.

  16. Under Business settings, click Account details and make a note of your Account ID.