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Best practises

The following steps provide a high-level procedure to complete a product configuration:

  1. In the Product Experience Manager > Products page, click Create New.
  2. In the Product Details tab, enter the product details.
  3. You can allow your shoppers to add custom text to a product if you have products, like T-shirts or greeting cards that can be printed with your shoppers personalized messages.
  4. In the Product Templates tab, add templates for the product.
  5. In the Pricing tab, configure the pricing settings for the product.
  6. In the Variations tab, associate variations with the product and build child products with the variations and options.
  7. In the Inventory tab, manage the product inventory.
  8. In the Media Management tab, upload the product images.

You can use Back and Next buttons to navigate through the tabs and the Save & Exit button to save the changes and exit the window any time.