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List dunning rules



Retrieves a list of all dunning rule sets.


Query Parameters

    filter string
    page[offset] int64

    Possible values: <= 10000

    The current offset by number of records, not pages. Offset is zero-based. The maximum records you can offset is 10,000. If no page size is set, the page length store setting is used.

    page[limit] int64

    The maximum number of records per page for this response. You can set this value up to 100. If no page size is set, the page length store setting is used.


Success. A list of dunning rules is returned.

    data DunningRule[]
  • Array [
  • id UUID (string)

    The unique identifier.

    type SubscriptionDunningRuleType (string)required

    Possible values: [subscription_dunning_rule]

    attributes DunningRuleAttributesrequired

    The dunning rule attributes you can use to configure your payment retry strategy.

    payment_retry_type stringrequired

    Possible values: [fixed, backoff, tiered]

    The strategy used to make payments. Always fixed. This means payments are retried on a fixed schedule as defined by the payment_retry_unit and payment_retry_interval, for example, every two days.

    payment_retry_interval int64

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 1024

    The number of payment_interval_units to wait between each payment retry attempt.

    payment_retry_unit string

    Possible values: [day, week]

    The unit of time used to measure the intervals between payment attempts or retries.

    payment_retry_multiplier double

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 1024

    The multiplier that increases the interval between consecutive each payment attempts or retries. This is typically used to gradually extend the time between retries. Allowing more time between attempts as failures persist, helps reduce the risk of triggering multiple failures in a short period and gives the subscriber more time to resolve the issue. Must only be set for backup types.

    payment_retries_limit int64required

    The number of times Subscriptions attempts payment retries before action is taken.

    action stringrequired

    Possible values: [none, pause, close, suspend]

    The action to take after all payment attempts for an invoice have failed.

    • None - the subscription remains active and Subscriptions does not attempt to retry the payment. However, the subscription is still available for a subscriber to use.
    • Suspend the subscription. Subscriptions does not attempt to retry the payment. A subscriber can choose to pay the outstanding invoice. However, a subscriber cannot renew their subscription; a merchandizer must renew the subscription on behalf of the subscriber.
    • close a subscription. The subscription ends and it's status becomes inactive. However, a merchandizer can choose to resume the subscription if a subscriber pays the outstanding payment.
    default boolean

    Set to true if you want this rule to be the default for the store.

    meta DunningRuleMetarequired
    owner stringrequired

    The owner of a resource, either store or organization.

    timestamps Timestampsrequired
    updated_at stringrequired

    The date and time a resource was updated.

    created_at stringrequired

    The date and time a resource was created.

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