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Dunning Rules

Dunning is the process of handling failed payment attempts. This is important for recovering revenue from failed payments, reduces customer churn and maintains cashflow. By implementing efficient dunning processes, you can enhance financial health and operational efficiency.

Subscriptions enables you to create a dunning rule that allows you to configure payment retry schedules. Subscriptions retries failed payments automatically. You can customize the timing and frequency of the payment retries.

Dunning is enabled by default. You can choose to disable dunning. If no dunning rule is configured, then payment is retried once a day for 10 days, in total 11 payments. You can decide what action to take after the Subscriptions has stopped retrying the payments.

  • Do nothing - the subscription remains active and Subscriptions does not attempt to retry the payment. However, the subscription is still available for a subscriber to use.
  • Suspend the subscription. Subscriptions does not attempt to retry the payment. A subscriber can choose to pay the outstanding invoice. However, a subscriber cannot renew their subscription; a merchandizer must renew the subscription on behalf of the subscriber.
  • close a subscription. The subscription ends and it's status becomes inactive. However, a merchandizer can choose to resume the subscription if a subscriber pays the outstanding payment.