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Get subscription state



Get subscription state


Path Parameters

    subscription_uuid UUIDrequired

    The unique identifier of the subscription.

    state_uuid UUIDrequired

    The unique identifier of the subscription state.


Success. A subscription state is returned.

    data SubscriptionState
    id UUID (string)

    The unique identifier.

    type SubscriptionStateType (string)required

    Possible values: [subscription_state]

    This represents the type of resource object being returned. Always subscription_state.

    attributes SubscriptionStateAttributesrequired
    action SubscriptionStateAction (string)required

    Possible values: [cancel, pause, resume]

    The subscription lifecycle is the states that a subscription can go through when a customer subscribes to a service or a product.

    A subscription can have the following states; canceled, paused, or resumed.

    See Managing the subscription lifecycle.

    meta StateMetarequired
    created_at stringrequired

    The date and time a resource was created.