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Get Project Settings



You can get all of the project settings via one API call using a client_credential token. The response is in object format as shown in the following example.


The default calculation_method is line.



    data object
    type stringrequired

    Describes the type of request payload you’re sending. Set this value to settings.

    page_length integer

    Indicates the number of results per page (max: 100).

    list_child_products boolean

    Displays child products or not in product listings.

    additional_languages string[]

    Represents an array of alpha2 codes for supported languages.

    calculation_method string

    Possible values: [line, simple]

    Displays the method used to calculate card and order totals.

    address_mandatory_fields string[]

    Indicates an array of fields that are required for creating an address.

    currency_limit integer

    The currency limit.

    field_limit integer

    The field limit.

    integration_limit integer

    The integration limit.

    event_limit integer

    The event limit.

    filter_limit integer

    The filter limit.

    tax_item_limit integer

    The tax item limit.

    promotions_limit integer

    The promotions limit.

    promotion_codes_limit integer

    The promotion codes limit.

    page_offset_limit integer

    The page offset limit.

    meta object
    owner string