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Get Stock Transactions for Product



Returns the transactions recorded for the specified product.


Path Parameters

    product_uuid stringrequired

    The unique identifier of the product.


Success. Returns the stock for the given product

    data Transaction[]
  • Array [
  • id string

    The unique identifier for the stock transaction.

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [stock-transaction]

    Default value: stock-transaction

    The type represents the object being returned. Always stock-transaction.

    action string

    Possible values: [increment, decrement, allocate, deallocate]

    The type of action performed by this transaction.

    • increment - use this when you want to make products available for purchase, for example, when you have received stock from a supplier.

    • decrement - Use this when you want to remove stock from product inventory.

    • allocate - Use this when you want to allocate stock, normally to a reseller who sells on the stock.

    • deallocate - Use this when you want to deallocate any previously allocated stock.

    product_id string

    The product identifier that this stock transaction is for.

    quantity integer

    The amount of stock affected by the stock transaction.

    timestamps Timestamps

    The date and time a transaction is created.

    created_at date-timerequired

    The date and time a transaction is created.

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