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MINOR When using Custom APIs, we have introduced support for HTTP Conditional Requests, using the If-Match header. Clients can use these requests to implement safe concurrent updates to the same resource by multiple writers. For example, this is useful in inventory tracking, as it prevents lost updates and other data consistency issues with the inventory amounts. For more information, see Update Custom API Entries.

MINOR We have added the capability to configure the storage of null values in Custom API Entries. For more information, see Null Values.

MINOR On October 18, 2022, we notified customers that the bundle_configuration object was misspelled as bundle_configuation in the cart, cart items, and order items, and has been deprecated. We recommend using bundle_configuration to create bundle configurations.

MINOR We have introduced support for float field types in Commerce Extensions to support your business needs. For more information, see Custom Fields.

MINOR We have added events for Custom API entries. You can integrate Commerce Extensions with your external systems by observing the appropriate events. For more information, see Custom API Entries.

MINOR Shoppers can now select a bundle that has a default list of products. Shoppers can choose to have all the default products, keep some of the default products or change the default products completely. This is useful, for example, if you want a new addition fragrance in a fragrance bundle to appear as the default option. For more information, see Dynamic Bundles.

MAJOR We have now introduced a new feature, called Commerce Extensions that supports the creation of Custom APIs according to your business needs. These Custom APIs support a variety of field types, including:

  • String with customizable length limits and regex validation
  • Integer with minimum and maximum value constraints
  • Boolean

Moreover, Commerce Extensions offers the ability to apply filters to all fields, enabling multidimensional data retrieval. Additionally, we've enhanced sorting and filtering capabilities based on creation and last update dates. For more information, see Commerce Extensions.

You can also create new Custom APIs within Commerce Manager. For more information, see Commerce Extensions in Commerce Manager.