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Storefronts for Elastic Path

The world of commerce undergoes continuous transformation. As a developer, you have the opportunity to craft integrations for commerce in the diverse spaces where merchants aspire to sell and their customers prefer to make purchases.This guide helps you understand how the Elastic Path composable commerce technology works and how it speeds up the progress of your commerce projects.

Quick Start

Learn how to get started with an Elastic Path storefront

How does a storefront fit into the composable commerce architecture?

Elastic Path Composable Commerce offers a set of versatile products to help you swiftly and effortlessly create unique customer experiences. The storefront, which is the part of what your customers see and interact with, plays a crucial role. It handles tasks like displaying your catalog, managing the shopping cart, and facilitating the checkout process.

With Elastic Path, you have control over designing, building, and managing your storefront. You can use your preferred technology stack and a familiar development framework, enabling faster development. The headless approach allows you to integrate your frontend seamlessly using Elastic Path's modular products, either together or independently. This flexibility addresses your commerce challenges and empowers you to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Tools for building storefronts


Elastic Path offers a set of tools to help you build storefronts. You can use these tools together or independently, depending on your requirements.

  • Composable CLI
  • Composable Starter

Composable CLI

The Composable CLI is a command line tool designed to make it easy for you to build Elastic Path-powered frontend experiences. It also enables you to configure various services and integrations provided by Elastic Path.

Composable Starter

The Composable Starter is a reference implementation of a storefront built using the Composable CLI. It is a fully functional storefront that you can use as a starting point for your own projects. You can also use it to learn how to build a storefront using Elastic Path products.