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Customer API Overview

Use the Customer API to manage customer details, addresses, and other information.

The Customer API allows you to generate JSON Web Tokens inside your client-side applications to authenticate requests to get all customer orders.

You are able to use a customer token with an implicit Bearer token. This is recommended for client-side interactions. Alternatively, you can use a client_credentials Bearer token. This is recommended for back-end interactions.

The Customer Object

idstringThe unique identifier for this customer.
typestringThe type represents the object being returned.
namestringThe name of the customer.
emailstringThe email of the customer.
passwordbooleantrue if the customer has a password, false otherwise.
external_refstringThe optional external ID reference. For example, this could be an external reference from a separate company system. The maximum length is 2048 characters. Default is null.

The meta Object

meta.created_atstringThe creation date of this customer.
meta.updated_atstringThe last updated date of this customer.

Sample response

"data": {
"type": "customer",
"id": "f260b17a-390f-4b37-bf9d-f62c45a95865",
"name": "Ron Swanson",
"email": "",
"external_ref": "16bedceb-8b2d-4f82-a973-b0a8d8432708",
"password": true,
"meta": {
"timestamps": {
"created_at": "2017-01-11T18:44:45Z",
"updated_at": "2017-05-31T04:12:12Z"