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Prepare Your First Integration

In this tutorial, you'll prepare your integration for Integrations Hub. Once the integration is added, you can use it. An overview of these steps are:

  1. Add a logo.
  2. Add the integration to a category.
  3. Add the integration to the Integrations Hub.

To identify your integrations in Integrations Hub, add a logo.

  1. Save a local copy of your third-party app's logo.
  2. In Buider, open your integration.
  3. Next to My First Integration, select the image icon.
  4. Browse to the location of the logo you saved in step 1.
  5. Select Open to assign the logo to the integration.

Assign a Category

To help you filter and find your integrations quickly and easily, you can define categories for your integrations.

  1. In Buider, open your integration.
  2. In your integration, expand Details.
  3. In Category, enter a category. If you do not enter a category, your integration is displayed in Uncategorized.
  4. In Description, give a brief description of this integration.
  5. Select Details again to close the dialog.

Add your Integration to the Integrations Hub

  1. Select Marketplace Configuration. The Marketplace Configuration page displays.
  2. Select Add to Marketplace.
  3. If you want this integration to be available for use, turn the Deployable toggle on.
  4. In Overview enter a brief description for this integration.
  5. Select Add.
  6. Close the Marketplace Configuration window to return to your integration.
  7. Select Publish or Update, depending on whether you have already published this integration.

You can now activate your integration in Integrations Hub.