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Get a Currency




This endpoint is for Administrator use only. Do not use this endpoint on your customer-facing frontends.


Path Parameters

    currencyID stringrequired

    The ID for the requested currency.



    data object[]
  • Array [
  • id string

    The unique identifier for this currency.

    type string

    Represents the type represents the object being returned.

    code string

    Specifies the currency code. For example, YEN.

    exchange_rate number

    Specifies the exchange rate from the default currency.

    format string

    Specifies how the price currency is displayed. For example, "£{price}".

    decimal_point string

    Indicates the decimal point character.

    thousand_separator string

    Indicates the thousand separator character.

    decimal_places number

    Indicates how many decimal places the currency is formatted to.

    default boolean

    Specifies whether this is the default currency or not. Either true or false.

    enabled boolean

    Specifies if this currency is available for products. Either true or false.

    links object
    self string

    Specifies the URL of this currency.

    meta object
    timestamps object
    created_at string

    Indicates the creation date of this currency.


    Indicates the updated date of this currency.

    owner string

    Indicates whether the owner is store or org.

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