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Get All Jobs



You can use this endpoint to display the status of your jobs.



    data Job[]
  • Array [
  • id uuid

    A unique ID generated when a job is created

    type string

    This represents the type of object being returned. Always job.

    job_type string

    This represents the type of job. For example, order_export.

    status string

    The status of a job.

    • PENDING - Commerce has received the request but is currently busy processing other requests.
    • STARTED - Commerce has started processing the job.
    • SUCCESS - The job has successfully completed.
    • FAILED - The job has failed.
    error string

    A message describing the error that caused a job to fail.

    timestamps object

    The date and time a job is created/updated.

    created_at string

    The date and time a job is created.

    updated_at string

    The date and time a job is updated.

    links object

    Links are used to allow you to move between requests

    self string

    Single entities use a self parameter with a link to that specific resource.

    link object

    A link to the exported data.

    href string

    The publicly available URL for this CSV file that contains the exported data.

  • ]