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Studio Release 190 | February 14, 2024


We have removed the Banner component as the component is not being used.


Improvements towards a seamless integration with Elastic Path Composable Commerce and lots of bug fixes in this release.

Elastic Path Composable Commerce

The following new features have been introduced when integrating Elastic Path Composable Commerce with Studio.

Product bundles

With Elastic Path Composable Commerce, you can create and manage bundles. A bundle is a purchasable product, comprising of one or more products that you want to sell together. Your product bundles are now available in your Studio storefronts. In other words, when you select a bundle product, all the products that make up that bundle are automatically displayed. Depending on how your bundle is configured, your shoppers can purchase the products in the bundle.

Promotion coupons

With Elastic Path Composable Commerce, you can create promotions. You can now add your promotion coupons to a smart links menu. This enables you to create buttons that add your promotions to a cart and checkout.


In the page editor, you can now create links with link text, similar to the way you create an action with links.

Complete List of Resolved Items


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where text alignment on the Text Box toolbar is not working properly.


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where a Shopify collection was giving an Unable to add cart option in the component error.
  • Bug - Fixed an error where Shopify search was not working correctly in the editor.

Elastic Path Composable Commerce

  • Bug - Fixed an issue where a product details page could not be created.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where a product list price was not displaying for a product with variants.


  • Bug - Fixed an issue where there was an error message in the console on search page configured to use Algolia.
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with Stripe when connecting to Stripe from Elastic Path Payments.