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  • That's it! 🎉

    Congratulations!! By leveraging Product Experience Manager you can easily compose different catalogs for the same store, creating the experience you want for selling into any scenario.

    The power 💪 of Commerce has enabled you to present the experience you need to customers under various scenarios quickly. No more lengthy implementations or set up for new scenarios or data maintenance nightmares. With Commerce you can say 'no problem' to the next merchandiser request.

    Sign up for the free trial. This allows you to use your own products to an Commerce store and test out its flexibility and speed. When you sign-up you are redirected to our Commerce Manager application. There we have a super quick guided walkthrough (10 minutes max) adding your first product and pricebook (concentrating on the process not the content). With your own store, you can then do these tutorials using products and configurations from your store.

    If you’re ready to speak with our team about transitioning to Commerce, you can always get in touch. We’re chatty.

    Try our other short intros to see how Commerce is uniquely situated to make your online selling a breeze.

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