• Creating an online store with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

    10 minutes to complete

    These hands-on and interactive tutorials help develop your knowledge and experience with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. These tutorials use the JavaScript SDK (JS-SDK) to solve common use cases in a few easy steps. Once you have your own store you can even do these tutorials using the products, pricebooks and configurations you create. All you'll need to know is a little JavaScript to start.

    First, let's start you off by setting up a generic store. This is not just a mock store, but one that is against a real Elastic Path store instance!

    Store Preview

    This store is going to show off all the foundational features of what you need in an online store. With Elastic Path Commerce Cloud these are all quick and easy:

    • Display all your products
    • Create a product details page
    • Produce product categories using hierarchies and nodes
    • Manage items in your cart, even
    • Perform a checkout!

    This will lay the groundwork for understanding the unique features that make up Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, providing you the perfect balance of flexibility without sacrificing performance.

    Here's the store you'll be building:

    Use the buttons below to navigate forwards and backwards in the tutorial.

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