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    The Jobs API is for Administrator use only. Do not use these endpoints on your customer-facing frontends.

    Several PXM endpoints function as jobs.

    When any of these endpoints are run, a job is automatically created.

    Characteristics of Jobs

    Jobs have the following characteristics:

    • Jobs are asynchronous.

    • Jobs have a different status, depending on where a job is in its lifecycle. See Job Lifecycle.

    • Jobs include the data used when an endpoint is run.

    • Jobs report messages and/or errors to help you understand:

      • what changes a job implemented in Commerce.
      • the reasons for any failed jobs.

    See Jobs API Overview.

    Processing Jobs

    Jobs are processed one at a time. You can continue to send requests using endpoints that function as jobs, but those jobs are queued. In other words, Commerce looks for any jobs that have a status of PENDING and starts the job with the earliest created date. This process is repeated until all jobs are processed.

    Job Lifecycle

    A job has the following lifecycle.

    job lifecycle