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    Jobs API Overview

    Jobs API Overview

    The Jobs API is for Administrator use only. Do not use these endpoints on your customer-facing frontends.

    The jobs endpoint displays the status of a number of endpoints that function as jobs, for example, product import and export, and duplicating hierarchies.

    The job Object

    typeRequiredstringAlways pim-job.
    idRequiredstringA unique ID generated when a job is created.
    attributesRequiredobjectThe attributes that describe the job.
    metaRequiredobjectThe attributes that make up the meta object.

    The attributes object

    completed_atstringThe date and time a job is completed.
    created_atstringThe date and time a job is created.
    started_atstringThe date and time a job is started.
    statusstringThe status of the job.
    • pending - Commerce has received the request but is currently busy processing other requests.
    • started - Commerce has started processing the job.
    • success - The job has successfully completed.
    • failed - The job has failed. See Get job errors.
    typestringThe job type.
    • child-products
    • product-import
    • product-export
    • hierarchy-duplicate
    • price-import
    updated_atstringThe date and time a job was updated.

    The meta Object

    request_idstringApplies to all job types. A unique request ID is generated when a job is created.
    file_locationsstringIf the job type is product_export, a link to the file created when running a job
    filterstringThe entities included in the job. For example, if the job type is product-export, the PXM products included in the export.