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    Including Resources

    Including Resources

    Using the include parameter, you can retrieve top-level resources, such as:

    • Files or main image.
    • Component product data.
    • Key attribute data, such as SKU or slug.

    The include query parameter you choose depends on the API endpoint you are using.

    The following endpoints support the include parameter:

    Characteristics of Include Parameter

    The include parameter has the following characteristics:

    • You can use multiple values with the include query parameter. Use a comma to separate the values. For example, include=files,main_image.
    • If you request a resource to be included, but no related entities of that resource type exist, the response does not have an included section.
    • Similarly, if you request to include a resource that is not supported as an include by the endpoint, there is no included section in the response.
    • There is a soft limit of five included resources per request, where one included resource can be main_image, another can be categories, and so on.
    • We recommend you do not include a resource if the response for the resource may contain more than 100 entities.

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