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Get Latest Release

Get the Latest Release of a Catalog

GET Get a Catalog Release by Release ID


Retrieves a published catalog. Currently, published catalogs are limited to the current release and two releases prior to the current release. You can see the differences between the last 2 consecutive catalog releases using the delta link returned in the response of a publish a catalog endpoint.

You can use the is_full_delta attribute returned from the get a release of a catalog endpoint to determine if you need to refresh the data in your company system before injecting fresh data in a delta link. The is_full_delta attribute tells you if this is a full publish of the catalog. Using a search service as an example, if the is_full_delta attribute is true, you should remove all data about that catalog from the search service before injecting fresh data from the delta file. If the is_full_delta attribute is false, then data from the previous catalog overlays the existing data in the delta file. The is_full_delta attribute is always true the first time a catalog is published.


Path parameters

catalogIdRequiredstringThe unique identifier of the catalog.
releaseIdRequiredstringThe unique identifier of a published version of the catalog or latestPublished for the most recently fully published catalog. You should use latestPublished in your storefront to make sure you have the latest fully published version of a catalog.


AuthorizationRequiredstringThe Bearer token to grant access to the API. Implicit Bearer token only returns products with live status; products with draft status won’t be included.

Request Example

curl -X GET https://api.moltin.com/pcm/catalogs/aea233e7-1300-48ce-9b45-7d0c0b60dde3/releases/latest \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXX" \

Response Example

200 OK

    "data": {
        "id": "aea233e7-1300-48ce-9b45-7d0c0b60dde3",
        "type": "catalog-release",
        "attributes": {
            "hierarchies": [
                    "id": "eb3bd9e6-857c-4886-bc3f-fcebd600ae22"
            "description": "Ranges Catalog",
            "name": "Ranges Catalog",
            "published_at": "2021-04-13T02:11:57.393Z"
        "meta": {
               "is_full_delta": true,
               "is_full_publish": true,
               "owner": "store",
               "percent_completed": 100,
               "total_nodes": 1,
               "total_products": 0,
               "created_at": "2022-03-25T18:05:13.447Z",
               "release_status": "PUBLISHED",
               "started_at": "2022-03-25T18:05:13.463Z"
        "relationships": {
            "hierarchies": {
                "links": {
                    "related": "/pcm/catalogs/aea233e7-1300-48ce-9b45-7d0c0b60dde3/releases/latest"
            "products": {
                "links": {
                    "related": "/pcm/catalogs/aea233e7-1300-48ce-9b45-7d0c0b60dde3/releases/latest"
    "links": {
        "self": "/pcm/catalogs/aea233e7-1300-48ce-9b45-7d0c0b60dde3/releases/latest"

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