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View Personal Data Logs for All Related Items

View Personal Data Logs for All Related Items

You can find all data items that belong to a user (not only a specific data item) and see logs for them.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the user is signed into the store with appropriate seller permissions.

Only sellers with Seller Admins, Support and IT roles can access the API.


  1. Note the ID and type of the data item for which you want to find related data items.

    It could be any data item that belongs to the user of interest (for example, a customer or address.)

    Most get/update/create responses in the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud API contain mandatory fields id and type. You need to pass this information to the endpoint in the next step.

    Currently, the personal data management functionality is only enabled for entities under v2/accounts, v2/customers and v2/authentication-realms URL prefixes.

  2. Call the related-data-entries endpoint and specify the id and type in the filter.

    See Personal Data Related Data Entries for more information.

  3. You can use pagination links inside the meta field to navigate. See pagination for more information.

  4. Choose a specific data item from the list and follow the View Personal Data Logs manual to get the logs for it.

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