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Set Logs TTL

Set Logs Time-to-live (TTL)

In Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, logs are kept in the system for a limited time. You can configure the retention period using the respective API. The default retention period is 365 days for production and enterprise store types and 7 days for other store types.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you are signed into the store with appropriate permissions. Only sellers with Seller Admins and IT roles have write access to the API. Support users have read access.


  1. Call the logs-ttl PUT endpoint and specify the days and type in the filter. See Update Logs Time-to-Live (TTL) Settings for more information.
  2. Call the logs-ttl GET endpoint and make sure that the days field in the response is the same as the one you specified in the previous step. See Get Logs Time-to-live (TTL) for more information.

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