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    Get Personal Data Related Data Entries

    Get Personal Data Related Data Entries

    Gets a list of related data entries filtered by specific resource id and resource type.


    • This request is only accessible to client_credentials token users with Seller Admin, Support and IT roles.
    • Non client_credentials token users cannot access this endpoint. See Permissions.
    • This request requires a filter for resource_type and resource_id.

    Path Parameters


    AuthorizationRequiredstringThe Bearer token required to get access to the API.

    Query parameters

    filterRequiredstringFilter attributes. For more information, see the Filtering section.

    You can use pagination with this resource. For more information, see pagination.

    Request Examples


    curl -X GET https://api.moltin.com/v2/personal-data/related-data-entries?filter=eq(resource_type,account_member):eq(resource_id,00000000-0000-1000-8000-000f00000300) \
         -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXX"

    JavaScript SDK

    const MoltinGateway = require("@moltin/sdk").gateway;
    const Moltin = MoltinGateway({
        client_id: "X",
        client_secret: "X",
        eq: {
            resource_id: "00000000-0000-1000-8000-000f00000300",
            resource_type: "account_member",
        .then((acc) => {
            // Do something

    Response Example

    200 OK

        "meta": {
            "page": {
                "limit": 20,
                "offset": 0,
                "current": 1,
                "total": 1
            "results": {
                "total": 1
        "data": [
                "resource_id": "00000000-0000-1000-8000-111111111112",
                "type": "related_data_entry",
                "resource_type": "user-authentication-info"
        "links": {
            "current": "https://api.moltin.com/v2/personal-data/related-data-entries?page[offset]=0&page[limit]=20",
            "first": "https://api.moltin.com/v2/personal-data/related-data-entries?page[limit]=20&page[offset]=0",
            "last": "https://api.moltin.com/v2/personal-data/related-data-entries?page[offset]=0&page[limit]=20",
            "next": "null",
            "prev": "null"

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