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Erase Personal Data

Erase Personal Data

In Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, you can trigger the erasure of customer personal data in an automated way.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that you are signed into the store with appropriate permissions.

Only sellers with Seller Admins and IT roles have write access to the API. Support users have read access.


  1. Note the ID and type of the data item for which you want to initiate an erasure request.

    Most get/update/create responses in the Elastic Path Commerce Cloud API contain mandatory fields id and type. You need to pass this information to the endpoint in the next step.

    It could be any data item that belongs to the user of interest (for example, a customer or address.)

    Currently, personal data management is only enabled for a limited set of endpoints. Please see the personal data concepts page for the list of endpoints that support personal data management.

  2. Call the erasure-requests POST endpoint and specify the id and type in the filter.

    See Create Personal Data Erasure Request for more information.

  3. Note the erasure request id in the response and periodically poll the erasure-requests GET endpoint.

    See Get Personal Data Erasure Request.

  4. Finally, if the status field in the response is SUCCESS, it means that all personal data is removed. Otherwise, you are advised to retry creating an erasure request, and if the problem persists, contact Support.

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