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    Generate CyberSource keys and tokens

    Generate CyberSource keys and tokens

    This walkthrough shows you how to generate CyberSource keys and tokens.

    1. Generate CyberSource keys.

      1. Set up access
    2. Generate CyberSource tokens.

      1. Set up access
      2. Generate tokens


    If you want to follow along, you need the following items:

    • A browser other than Chrome.

      Currently, the account login does not work in Chrome.

    • A test account on the CyberSource sandbox.

    • CyberSource Token Management Service is enabled. To enable the service, contact CyberSource support.

      If you have not enabled the Token Management Service, all payment transactions are blocked. For more information about the service not being enabled, see the Visa Developer Community.

    Generating CyberSource keys

    Follow the step-by-step walkthrough to set up the CyberSource payment gateway on the Commerce Manager.

    Set up access

    1. Go to Payment ConfigurationKey Management and click Generate Key.

    2. Select Transaction Processing and click Next.

    3. Select SOAP and click Submit.

    4. Copy the Soap toolkit key value.

    5. Go to Commerce Manager SettingsPayment Gateways and enable the CyberSource configuration.

    6. Enter your Merchant ID as the username and your Soap toolkit key as the password.

    7. Select the Test mode check box and click Save.

    Generating Tokens

    This walkthrough shows you how to generate CyberSource tokens from credit card numbers.

    Set up access

    1. Go to Payment ConfigurationKey Management. Click Generate Key.

    2. Select API Cert / Secret. Click Next.

    3. Select Shared Secret. Click Submit.

    4. Take note of the following items:

      • Shared secret

      • Key id

        The key id is visible on the key list page.

      • Organization id

        This is also known as the merchant id.

    Generate tokens

    1. Generate a single use key.

      To generate a key, see CyberSource Key Generation.

    2. Select the Authentication tab in the Request area.

    3. Enter Merchant Id, Key, and Shared Secret Key values.

    4. Click Update Credentials.

    5. Click Send.

    6. Note the keyId value from the response.

    7. Tokenize the card information.

      To tokenize the card information, see CyberSource Tokenization.

    8. In the request, update keyId value. Optionally, update the card information values.

    9. Press Send.

    10. Copy the token value and prefix it with six (;) semicolons. For example, ;;;;;;11234FS5353FGFRSS2562.

      CyberSource has sample credit card numbers for testing purposes. For more information, see the CyberSource Testing Guide.

      For examples about how to integrate Flex API and Microform on the frontend, use the Secure Acceptance Flexible Token SDK.

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