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    Organization Authentication

    Organization Roles

    Organizations introduces the Org Admin role, providing enhanced management capabilities. As an Org Admin, you have the authority to:

    • Manage all stores within your organization.
    • Grant Seller Admin permissions to specific stores.
    • Add users to stores within your organization using an appropriate role.
    • Add users to your Organizations as an Org Admin.
    • Create and view only organization-level integrations.
    • Access and review organization-level integration logs for detailed analysis. For more information on integration logs, see Get Integration Logs.

    Additionally, when selecting a store within the organizations, Org Admins are automatically granted Seller Admin permissions for that store, expanding their management scope and capabilities. This role empowers you with comprehensive control and flexibility over your organization's stores and integrations.

    The following table shows a breakdown of the API endpoint actions that are available to the client credentials token for an Org Admin:

    EndpointsRead accessWrite access

    With the Introduction of Organizations, application keys are directly used to manage access to Organizations. For more information, see Application Keys.

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