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    With Product Experience Manager (EP PXM), you can create and manage bundles. A bundle is a purchasable product, comprising of two or more products that you want to sell together. For example, a consumer electronics and video game company, Playtend Games can sell a Playtend video game console as a bundle that includes the console, controller, and game. The price of the bundle might be different from the total of the individual products. A bundle must contain at least two items, either the same items or different items.

    You must not assign a product to a bundle if the product is in draft status as this invalidates the bundle.

    You can have:

    • Dynamic bundles. Dynamic bundles allow your shoppers to choose their own options in a bundle. See Dynamic Bundles.
    • Bundles of bundles. Your bundle consists of child bundles. See Bundles of Bundles.

    Bundle Components and Options

    You can create multiple components within a bundle. Each component must have at least one or more options. Each option is a product and a quantity.

    You cannot have more than 1500 options in a bundle.

    For example, Playtend Games can create a bundle where the total bundle price is calculated based on the options that the buyers choose. Shoppers can select a base console option, two games options, and a controller option as in the following example:

    1. Select one of the following options in the gaming console component:

      • Gaming Console 512 MB Storage. Regular price is $500, selling for $475.
      • Gaming Console 1 GB Storage. Regular price is $750, selling for $725.
    2. Select one of the following options in the game component:

      • Option 1:

        • Playtend Roboselect Game, selling for $50
        • Playtend Burndown Game, selling for $45
        • Playtend Invaders Game, selling for $50
      • Option2:

        • Playtend Doomsday Game, selling for $35
        • Playtend Happyday Game, selling for $35
        • Playtend Birthday Game, selling for $40
    3. Select one of the following options in the controllers component:

      • Red Controller, selling for $40
      • Blue Controller, selling for $40
      • Green Controller, selling for $40
      • Invaders Controller, selling for $75

    If the shopper chooses the following options for their bundle, the total is $885:

    • Gaming Console 1 GB Storage ($725)
    • Playtend Burndown Game ($45)
    • Playtend Birthday Game ($40)
    • Invaders Controller ($75)

    Bundle Pricing

    Bundles can have:

    • Fixed pricing - enables you to assign a fixed price for all products in a bundle.
    • Automatic/cumulative pricing - the price of a bundle is generated automatically based on the sum of the component products.

    For more information, see Bundle Pricing.

    Creating Bundles

    You can create bundles using:

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