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    Flows API Overview

    A Flow describes a collection of fields. It is named after the internal entity type that you want to associate it with. For example, a flow with a slug of products is applied to all product responses in your store.

    Custom names and values prefixed with $ are not supported.

    If you store any sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or non-public data on your site, ensure that you do not use this data in flows to avoid potential access to the data. For more information, see Permissions.

    The flow object

    idstringThe unique identifier for this flow.
    typestringRepresents the type of object being returned.
    namestringThe name of the flow.
    slugstringA unique slug identifier for the flow.
    descriptionstringAny description for this flow.
    enabledbooltrue if enabled, false if not.

    The maximum size for a flow entry of type string can be 16 megabytes.

    The meta object

    ownerstringThe product owner, either organization or store. See Organizations.
    • created_at The date and time a flow is created.
    • updated_at The date and time a flow is updated.

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