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    Custom Data (Flows) API Overview

    Custom Data (Flows) API Overview

    Use flows resource to extend an existing resource or to create a new resource.

    Custom names and values prefixed with $ are not supported.

    For more information, see the Custom data (Flows) section.

    Core and Non-core Flows

    The following table describes the differences between core and non-core flows:

    Core FlowsNon-core Flows
    Extend an existing resource.Create a new resource.
    Entries managed automatically by Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.Create and manage entries manually.
    Requests are sent to the fields endpoint.Requests are sent to the entries endpoint.

    You cannot delete core flows after creating them on API or Commerce Manager.

    Extend a resource

    Extending a resource applies only to core flows. When creating a new flow, make sure the slug matches that of a core resource listed in the following table.

    Flow slugDescription
    accountsExtend the account object.
    account-membersExtend the account-members object.
    account-membershipsExtend the account-membership object.
    addressesExtend the address object.
    authentication-realmsExtend the authentication-realms object.
    cartsExtend the carts object.
    cart_itemsExtend the cart_item object.
    customersExtend the customer object.
    oidc-profilesExtend the oidc-profiles object.
    order_itemsExtend the order_item object.
    ordersExtend the order object.
    password-profilesExtend the password-profiles object.
    productsExtend the product object.
    promotionsExtend the promotion.
    user-authentication-infoExtend the user-authentication-info object.
    user-authentication-oidc-profile-infoExtend the user-authentication-oidc-profile-info object.
    user-authentication-password-profile-infoExtend the user-authentication-password-profile-info object.
    catalogsExtend the catalog object. It will not extend the catalog-release object.

    Add a new resource

    Adding a new resource is applicable only to non-core (custom) flows.

    Resource structure

    A flow describes a collection of fields. It is named after the internal entity type you want to associate it with. For example, a flow with a slug of products applies to all product responses in your store.

    A field represents a single field of data, such as Product Rating, that is applied to an entity. All fields have a type , such as string, integer, boolean, date or relationship, a default value, and an optional set of validation rules.

    An entry is a specific instance of a flow, and is associated with a specific instance of an entity. For example, a single product. Use entries for custom flows (non-core) only.

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