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Create Invoices

You can create an invoice for Stripe customers from the STORE > Invoicing tab in Commerce Manager.

This is available only for Elastic Path Payment Powered by Stripe customers.


For Elastic Path Payment Powered by Stripe customers, refer to the Stripe Documentation to learn more about how anonymization requests are processed if a customer record is created in Stripe.


  • Ensure that you are onboarded to Elastic Path Payments Powered by Stripe.
  • Ensure that you have an account in Stripe.


  1. Log in to Commerce Manager.

  2. Go to STORE > Invoicing.

    Under the Customers to Invoice tab, all names and Email addresses of your customers are displayed.

  3. Under the Action column, click the ellipsis associated with Name and Email.

  4. Click Create Invoice.

    The invoice is created, and a link to view your invoice in the Stripe Dashboard is displayed. You can now log in to the Stripe Dashboard and complete your invoice and send it to your customers.