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    Commerce Manager Overview

    Commerce Manager Overview

    Commerce Manager is a web-based user interface to manage your store. In Commerce Manager, a user depending on their role within the store can do some or all of the following:

    • Create, edit, and delete products.
    • Set product status as live or draft.
    • Create and manage child products using variations, modifiers, and options.
    • Manage product inventory.
    • Manage orders.
    • Create, edit, and delete customers.
    • Manage files.
    • Create, edit, and delete flows and fields.
    • Create and manage promotions and promotion codes.
    • Change site settings, including currency, payment gateways, and other integrations.
    • Manage authentication.
    • Create a new store.
    • Manage teams.

    You can have one or more stores associated with your account.

    Home Page

    The Commerce Manager Home page provides an option to invite team members to work in your store and to view the API keys for your store.

    Inviting Team Members

    Store administrators can invite team members to work on the store configuration. The team member can access the store through Commerce Manager and the API. All team members with the login credentials can log in to Commerce Manager and go to System > Application Keys to get their API keys.

    A store admin can also invite team members from the System > Store Settings > Team Management page.

    1. On the Home page, enter the email address of the team member you want to invite.

    2. Select a role for the team member.

      For more information, see Roles.

    As a store admin, you can revoke access of a team member at any time without changing the settings for other team members. For example, you can revoke access of an external developer working on the store when the contract ends without revoking access of other members in the team.

    A store admin can invite registered or unregistered users using their email address. For an unregistered user, the invitation includes a link to the registration form.

    Selecting a Store

    1. Log into Commerce Manager.

    2. Click your profile icon at the top-right corner.

    3. In the drop-down menu, click Stores.

      All stores associated with your account are listed.

    4. Select the store.

      The store Home page opens.

    5. Optionally, invite your colleagues to collaborate.

      For more information, see Team Management section.

    If you are logged on to Commerce Manager using single sign-on, Your profile information is provided by the single sign-on provider. You cannot create new stores, invite users, or edit your profile information.

    Invites sent to non-registered users are valid only for 36 hours, after which the link expires and a new invite must be created.

    For Commerce Manager course in the learning center, see Commerce Administrator. You must log in to access the course.


    Getting Started with the Commerce Manager

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